Winter Services

Even in the offseason, Arbor Medic Tree & Lawn Care is here to keep your home a safe and comfortable one. While most trees and landscaping don’t require year-round maintenance, there’s plenty we have to offer homeowners in the greater Gallatin Valley while there’s no green in sight.

Firewood Delivery

Stay cozy all winter with our custom firewood delivery service. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precise cutting and consistency to suit any fireplace or stove with spruce, pine, or fir. Perfect for those cold winter days and for those unable to travel and collect firewood themselves, our delivery drivers are fast, professional, and happy to help you unload your biofuel.

We source all our firewood from standing dead timber right here in Montana. By removing this fallen timber from nearby forests, we can help reduce the risk of forest fires and improve access to underbrush to keep our Montana forestland beautiful, safe, and accessible to all.

We offer a standard firewood cut of 16” with custom cuts available for an additional fee. Please contact our offices for more information.

Snow Removal

Whether you need regular, ongoing snow removal service for your home or business or a one-time visit after a big storm, Arbor Medics snow removal service is a reliable, efficient mainstay during harsh Montana winters.

Choosing a Commercial Snow Removal Service

  1. Ask About Turnaround Time After a Storm

    A snow removal service isn’t much use if you or your customers can’t access your property. Because commercial snow removal projects are time sensitive and can impact business, it’s important to consider the turnaround time after (or during) a major storm. Most snow removal providers offer a guaranteed arrival time. Be sure to ask when considering your options.

  2. Verify Insurance and Licensing

    During a significant snow event, traffic can be limited to emergency vehicles and snow removal vehicles only. But these treacherous conditions mean that no one is immune to the roadways. Ensuring your snow removal provider is properly insured and licensed can save you a major headache should an accident occur.

  3. Ask if They Track Employees and Equipment

    Most commercial ice and snow removal companies track vehicles via GPS technology. By observing and preserving this data, the company is able to provide accurate reports on where and for long their equipment and personnel were on-site and working on your project.

  4. Safety First

    We can all agree that in the hazardous Montana winters, there’s nothing more important that staying safe. Because snow removal equipment operators are often exposed to the worst of it, it’s critical for these employees to be trained on how to best maneuver through heavy snow and ice as well as staying prepared for unforeseen conditions.

  5. Hire a Snow Removal Provider You Can Trust

    A major liability for commercial property owners during the winter, you’ll need a trusted partner to ensure your property doesn’t because a hazardous slip-and-fall accident zone, no matter the severity of the winter conditions. Arbor Medic is committed to providing high-quality snow and ice removal services on a prompt and reliable basis. Our team is trained to the highest safety standards and can quickly and effectively clear hazardous winter weather from your property no matter the severity of the conditions.

Christmas Light Removal Services

For large commercial or residential buildings, hiring a handyman or amateur to remove your property’s holiday lights is an accident waiting to happen. Poor weather conditions combined with the size and scale of a large building can spell disaster for your property. Arbor Medic proudly offers professional Christmas light removal services in a prompt, friendly, and professional manner.

Our Christmas light removal professionals utilize industrial equipment to safely access, remove, and organize your property’s Christmas and winter holiday lights. Operating under Arbor Medic Tree & Lawn Care, our team is licensed, insured, and trained to observe safety above all else. If you need a reliable partner to transition your holiday decorations after the Christmas season has passed, contact Arbor Medic for more information.