Tree & stump removal

Removing a tree is never a welcome or wanted experience, but due to either environmental or hazardous conditions, it sometimes becomes a necessary one. But simply taking a chainsaw to the trunk and hoping for the best is not only a dangerous endeavor, it may be an illegal one. Incorporated cities and towns have strict regulations surrounding tree and stump removal, requiring the presence and expertise of a professional tree removal service.

Arbor Medic Tree & Lawn Care employs the highest standards for training, education, and equipment, ensuring your project is safe, straightforward, and with a minimal impact on your property. As certified arborists, we do everything in our capacity to prolong and improve the life of your tree, but there are instances in which removal is the best solution for both the landscape and the homeowner.

About Tree Removal

Performed primarily to eliminate dead or dying trees, tree removal is both an art and a science. Preserving the integrity of your property is the main priority in a tree removal project, but keeping the surrounding structures, trees, and property features safe throughout the process is of equal importance.

Depending on the health and condition of the tree, it is sometimes necessary to remove a tree that poses a hazard to people or property, but sometimes if a tree’s growth poses a threat to plants or other trees nearby, a tree removal should be performed.

Certainly the most dangerous part of arboriculture, tree removal experts often work in confined spaces near and around buildings, utility lines, and upon the trees themselves. Experience in this work is essential; you should always check to see if your arborist is certified and licensed before considering them for a project.

At Arbor Medic, our arborists are trained and certified by both the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the international organization for education and best practices, and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), which promotes professional safety and performance standards throughout the tree care industry.

Arbor Medic also provides protection of surrounding vegetation and property and an efficient clean up process that guarantees the impact on your landscaping will be minimal. Typically, tree removal leaves the stump of the tree cut as close to the ground as possible, but stump removal is a separate process that requires advanced tools and training.

Regarding Stump Removal

An unsightly blemish on an otherwise pristine landscape, a rogue stump left in the ground may pose not only a threat to the safety of the property, but could impact vegetative growth around it.

There are three ways to remove a stump: grinding, burning, and rotting. Stump burning is typically not allowed without a special permit, so check with your local county courthouse or arborist before conducting any stump burning on your own.

  1. Grinding

    The most common and straightforward approach to removing a stump from your property, many homeowners rent a stump grinder and take care of the problem on their own. While this is certainly an avenue to consider especially when your budget is tight, there are things you should consider before taking the DIY approach.

    First, a self-grinder is dangerous, heavy, and difficult to use. You’ll want to dedicate a few days to the project considering the amount of work that goes into it. Second, a stump grinder doesn’t always remove the underlying root systems, leaving dozens of feet of wood under your lawn. Third, it’s messy and requires a ton of cleanup.

    Arbor Medic Tree and Lawn Care recommends using a professional stump removal specialist to ensure the complete and safe removal of your lingering tree stumps.

  2. Burning

    Certainly more cost effective and time-saving than grinding, burning stumps has become a popular method of removing the unsightly issue from your property. However, the legality of performing this method of stump removal varies from location to location. Contact your local courthouse to learn more about stump burning in your area.

    To burn a stump away, one drills several holes into the top of the stump about 10 inches deep. Remove the debris that remains there, then scoop a bit of potassium nitrate into the holes and add hot water. Eventually, the chemical will spread through the stump and begin to break down the stumps vascular system. After that’s settled, add some wood shavings into the holes and light them on fire. The stump may take several days – even weeks – to burn all the way through. Keep an eye on the stump and continue to relight the tinder if it goes out.

  3. Rotting

    The most time consuming process of removing a stump, rotting it away is also the most hands-off approach. Like with burning the stump away, you’ll want to drill holes into the stump about 10 inches deep and add sodium nitrate or another substance high in nitrogen content. Then, add hot water to the rest of the holes and let them sit.

    Over the course of several weeks, the solution will spread throughout the stump and soften the wood, allowing you to chip away at it and break down the stump manually.

    While these are all viable options for stump removals, the amount of work required often leads homeowners to hire a stump removal specialist like Arbor Medic Tree and Lawn Care to keep the task simple, easy, and safe.

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Customer Testimonial

“The team of professionals at Arbor Medic is the main reason I am successful at managing the size property I do. With 220 acres we have open spaces, landscaped yards, a manicured entry, ponds, and creeks. The variety of expertise I get by using Arbor Medic is a major factor is our partnership. I always say, “If I grow it, Arbor Medic knows it!

They have been instrumental in diagnosing ailing shrubs and trees and then they have provided us with a detailed plan of action. They are extremely conscientious about the kind of products and application of products on this property. We are a fishing community and are therefore very sensitive about what could enter our habitats. I never worry about getting some guy with a handful of hours of training, the staff at Arbor Medic are some of the highest trained in the business.

I would not hesitate to recommend the team at Arbor Medic for any job no matter the size. Personal attention and professionalism are what every customer can expect!”

M.G. McLeod
Property Manager
Manhattan, MT