Our Equipment

Our focus will always be “Quality over Quantity”.

Put simply, we are the area’s best-equipped tree care company. Like a surgeon who requires the proper instruments for a particular operation, trees require the proper tools to treat different problems. Our arborists are equipped with the resources to address every possible issue. So, whether your needs are large or small, we can handle it!

We’re also the only company in the area with our own crane and trained operators on staff. The crane is a 40 ton crane with a 110 foot reach. We guarantee that the impact on your lawn, if any, will be minimal.

Cutting-Edge in More Ways Than One

Arbor Medic Tree & Lawn Care prides itself on staying ahead of the competition throughout all facets of our business, ultimately resulting in a better experience for our customers. Through this, we continually invest in new, industry-leading equipment, tools, and training to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of the professional lawn and tree care industry.

Tree-mek (mechanized tree removal) – The Most Advanced Tree Care Tool in the World

Eliminating the need for a tree climber, crane, and direct placement on your lawn, Tree-mek combines the functionality of multiple tree maintenance tools to improve performance, safety, and functionality throughout the entire tree pruning or removal process. Which can all be performed from the safety of the ground with our professional Arborist utilizing a remote control.

Most notably, our investment in a Tree-mek system allows us to keep our team safely and securely on the ground. Whereas older tree pruning and maintenance equipment required personnel to scale the trees and make alterations while aloft, the Tree-mek is remote operated and can handle trimming, sawing, and debris cleanup all in one convenient package. According to the Tree Care Industry Association, more than 150 tree care-related accidents or injuries occurred in 2016. With safety-first equipment and continued training, Arbor Medic Lawn and Tree Care is proudly working to reduce that number to zero.

Widely known as the safest and most efficient way to remove trees, Tree-mek eliminates the need for tree removal workers to climb trees and trim or remove them by hand. Tree-mek allows for fast, cost-saving removal efforts while minimizing risks to personnel and property.

The Benefits of Tree-mek for Your Project

Unprecedented Access

  • For trees with little or no access, located between structures, near utility wires, or in heavily-landscaped areas, tree trimming or removals can be extremely difficult (and costly) compared to trees located in more open areas. While cranes and aerial lifts have long been used as a solution to these problems, they’re no match for the versatility of a Tree-mek system. Using hyper-accurate remote control units and multiple actuated arms, Arbor Medic’s tree care professionals can navigate between and above tight spaces to avoid property, other trees, utility lines, and more – all without disturbing your property or endangering our personnel.

No Debris, No Mess

  • Tree-mek’s sawing mechanism includes a locking grip tool that secures limbs and branches before processing them. That prevents cut branches and limbs from falling to your property below and damaging property, landscaping, or other tree systems. Furthermore, Tree-mek’s incredible reach can often allow us to deploy it from a solid foundation like the street, driveway, or nearby parking lot, ensuring your lawn and landscaping stay as-is and damage-free.

Safer, Faster, Better

  • As a tree care company, a major advantage of using a Tree-mek system is the elimination of the need to send our professional crew up into your tree systems to conduct a trimming operation. Using either climbing gear or aerial lift systems, the inherent nature of placing an employee high into a tree’s canopy is a dangerous and risky one, no matter the level of expertise and safety precautions. Tree-mek keeps our operators securely and safely on the ground.

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