Tree trimming & Maintenance

Design Phase and Tree Selection

Who better to help you decide which trees to plant in your new construction or landscape remodel project than a certified arborist? We work with landscape designers, project managers, and homeowners to ensure your property is equipped with beautiful, lasting trees for your family’s enjoyment for generations to come. We’ll help you choose the right tree for your property and maintenance capabilities, then place them to best suit the soil conditions, root structure of the tree, sun exposure, irrigation, and aesthetic benefits.

Arbor Medic Tree & Lawn Care works with local and regional tree farms for tree selection and can expertly place each plant with either our 55” or 90” tree spade. We also offer a maintenance program to ensure your landscape is healthy and beautiful throughout the coming years.

Trimming and Pruning

Commonly associated with chore-filled Sunday afternoons, tree trimming and pruning is as much an art as it is a science. Done too much or without regard to the health of the tree, and the plant may wither or fail to grow to its potential. And while we’d never try to separate you from your gloves and trimmers, Arbor Medic’s routine tree trimming and maintenance service can help restore some of your weekend and ensure your plants stay healthy and beautiful all year long.

Aside from the aesthetic value that comes with a freshly-pruned tree or shrub, regular tree maintenance has other benefits, namely safety and protecting the health of the plant. Dead and broken branches have the potential not just to fall and harm people, but also damage property and interfere with utility lines. And thinning the crown of a tree improves airflow, which can improve airflow and prevent branches from growing into each other.

Certain diseases and insect infestations can sometimes impact the well-being of a tree. By strategically removing or trimming affected branches and limbs along with other preventative measures, trees can often be saved.

Cabling and Bracing

No matter what steps you take to help your tree grow straight and true, sometimes nature takes its own course, with trees growing in a manner detrimental to their own physical structure or your property. Most common in multi-trunk mature trees and trees possessing open canopies, unsound growth can result in property damage, personal injury, or premature decline in a tree’s health. To ensure your tree grows soundly, a professional arborist utilizes cables and bracing rods to help protect and improve the structural integrity of the trees.

Used as a supplemental structural support system when a tree is weak or otherwise compromised, cabling and bracing performed by a certified and licensed arborist is the best way to prevent failure and damage during storms and to prevent multiple stems from producing.

Using flexible steel strand cables and braces, Arbor Medic’s industry-standard tree braces, cables, and rods are implemented by our professional arborists to protect and promote the life of your tree. We can help strengthen weak branches and limbs, improving their resistance to high winds and heavy precipitation. Because weak branches aren’t always apparently, homeowners with older trees should have them regularly inspected by a certified arborist in order to prevent damage during storms.

Once cables and bracing have been implemented, required maintenance is minimal, but recommended. Checking for slippage of the hardware as well as any further damage caused since the original installation is important, so scheduling a follow-up consultation with your arborist is a proactive measure for any property owner.

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Customer Testimonial

“The team of professionals at Arbor Medic is the main reason I am successful at managing the size property I do. With 220 acres we have open spaces, landscaped yards, a manicured entry, ponds, and creeks. The variety of expertise I get by using Arbor Medic is a major factor is our partnership. I always say, “If I grow it, Arbor Medic knows it!

They have been instrumental in diagnosing ailing shrubs and trees and then they have provided us with a detailed plan of action. They are extremely conscientious about the kind of products and application of products on this property. We are a fishing community and are therefore very sensitive about what could enter our habitats. I never worry about getting some guy with a handful of hours of training, the staff at Arbor Medic are some of the highest trained in the business.

I would not hesitate to recommend the team at Arbor Medic for any job no matter the size. Personal attention and professionalism are what every customer can expect!”

M.G. McLeod
Property Manager
Manhattan, MT

[Arbor medic crew was here today, March 11, 2024 to trim a length overgrown cotoneaster hedge. They arrived on time, greeted me and talked about the job, and began working. As a team, they were in sync!
They are without a doubt THE BEST tree care lawn care, hedge care business I have ever had. I have used every one of the reputable ones in the valley and ARBOR MEDIC surpasses any other group in the quality of the work done, the cleanup surpasses any I have had done by any of the group, and is excellent.