Bozeman Tree SERVICES

Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Tree trimming and pruning generally means one of two things: hazard reduction or basic maintenance. My removing dead or damaged limbs from a tree, homeowners can protect their families and their property from harm while retaining the structural integrity of a tree.

Routine maintenance on your property’s trees will not only ensure their appearance stays as desired, but can actually have health benefits to the trees themselves. According to the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) ANSI A300 standards, some of the benefits of proper tree pruning include:

  • Development of proper branch and trunk architecture
  • Hazard and interference reduction
  • Improved resistance to pests and insect infestation
  • Better light filtering and appearance

Furthermore, studies have shown that homeowners who keep their trees properly trimmed and pruned enjoy an estimated 10-25% boost to your property value.

Tree Disease and Insect Treatment

While many homeowners value the aesthetics of their trees and landscaping, the true value in your natural assets comes from ensuring they live a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, plant disease and pests can have a dramatic impact on the longevity of your trees. A professional arborist can identify the issue and make corrective changes to help prevent future damage.

When making a tree or plant disease diagnosis, Arbor Medic Tree & Lawn Care does the following:

  • Identify the plant species
  • Check for abnormalities and patterns of damage
  • Examine the roots and surrounding landscaping
  • Look at branches and trunks for signs of damage
  • Make note of leaf position and appearance

Tree and Stump Removal

It’s never a good day when you have to remove a tree, but sometimes it’s an inevitability. After all, every tree is either an asset or a liability. In the case of the latter, trees do sometimes pose a threat to safety or property. Damaged, diseased, dead, and trees that are otherwise beyond repair will sometimes require removal.

Our certified arborists can walk you through the tree removal process and help advise you of any local tree removal ordinances that may be in effect prior to removing the tree.

Stump Removal Service

Certainly the most obtrusive and complex part of removing an old, dead, or damaged tree, stump removal should always be performed by a professional. Trees with extensive root systems can sometimes become intertwined with essential utility lines, requiring careful planning and attentive removal. Arbor Medic has state-of-the-art stump removal equipment and industry-leading techniques to ensure your landscape is restored to a pristine state with minimal impact to your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance and Weed Control

Arbor Medic is a licensed arborist and tree maintenance service, but our commitment to the health and prosperity of your property goes far beyond that. We can care for your lawn, landscaping, and other natural features throughout your home, leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of a well-trimmed, hassle-free lawn all summer long. Arbor Medic also handles fertilization, weed and pest control, weekly mowing services, and more.

Winter Services

Ice and snow management services from Arbor Medic is available during the winter months when you need it most. We operate a 24-hour emergency response service to get you and your neighborhood uncovered fast. We also employ a firewood delivery service at competitive pricing as well as a Christmas light removal service for select customers in the Gallatin Valley. Call us for more information.

Customer Testimonial

“The team of professionals at Arbor Medic is the main reason I am successful at managing the size property I do. With 220 acres we have open spaces, landscaped yards, a manicured entry, ponds, and creeks. The variety of expertise I get by using Arbor Medic is a major factor is our partnership. I always say, “If I grow it, Arbor Medic knows it!

They have been instrumental in diagnosing ailing shrubs and trees and then they have provided us with a detailed plan of action. They are extremely conscientious about the kind of products and application of products on this property. We are a fishing community and are therefore very sensitive about what could enter our habitats. I never worry about getting some guy with a handful of hours of training, the staff at Arbor Medic are some of the highest trained in the business.

For me, the level of communication and response time to inquiries is what I value most aside from their expertise. Any day, any time, I can call or email Arbor Medic with questions or requests for services. The turn around is minutes, not hours or days. Amazing!

I would not hesitate to recommend the team at Arbor Medic for any job no matter the size. Personal attention and professionalism are what every customer can expect!”

M. G. McLeod
Property Manager

Arbor medic crew was here today, March 11, 2024 to trim a length overgrown cotoneaster hedge. They arrived on time, greeted me and talked about the job, and began working. As a team, they were in sync!
They are without a doubt THE BEST tree care lawn care, hedge care business I have ever had. I have used every one of the reputable ones in the valley and ARBOR MEDIC surpasses any other group in the quality of the work done, the cleanup surpasses any I have had done by any of the group, and is excellent.