Emergency Service

Arbor Medic is prepared to clear any amount of snow, on any sized lot, day or night. An emergency answering service is available around the clock, and the winter staff is rotated through a full 24-hours worth of shifts during big storms. With Gallatin Valley’s largest inventory of snow-clearing equipment, from giant front-end loaders and dump trucks to smaller equipment for more detailed jobs, Arbor Medic’s snow and ice management is available for jobs of any scale.

With Montana’s unpredictable weather, Arbor Medic offers treatment around the clock for emergency storm damage, for broken limbs or fractures that come with heavy snows or strong winds. We will also dispatch a crew in the middle of the night, if necessary, to assist in situations such as a tree blowing down on a house or a tree blocking a road.

As the tree ages and weakens, cabling and bracing may extend its life and improve safety for those around it. In the end, Arbor Medic is able to remove it with minimal impact on your landscape or help find and plant a new tree to take its place.