Strategies for drought-stressed trees

As we enter into the driest, hottest part of the year in this region, we get lots of questions about drought. We’ve had a number of drier years, so folks want to know how to give their trees the best chance:

Deep watering less frequently is better than a little sprinkle every day.
Tree roots like a good soaking once a week. Even when providing what seems like adequate water, it could be that your roots are not getting the benefit of this watering due to certain ground covers, locations, soil types and more. Arbor Medic can diagnose the whole scene.

Fertilizer might cause more harm than good.
It might seem logical that feeding would help, but with a compromised tree, it fertilizing could create more stress. We can determine whether nutrient deficiency is part of the problem, but if not, proper watering is a better approach.

Off with the dead.
It’s best to remove limbs that are visibly dead and dry – they usually can’t be saved, and may create hazards or further damage to the tree. Top strategy: a professional who can safely handle this while preserving the shape and future growth of the tree.

Pests love stress.
When a tree is drought-stressed, it’s often a more attractive target for insects and borers. A certified arborist from Arbor Medic can determine if or how much infestation could occur, and then recommend treatments if needed.