When Spring is Springing, Established Trees Should Stay Put

There’s something about the instant gratification and impact of moving a large established tree that makes the idea very appealing. It’s understandable that after the winter, local residents want to get going and get growing at the first sign of spring! We get many calls about moving trees early in the season every year.

Unfortunately, timing really is everything when it comes to transplanting a tree – and spring just isn’t a good time. The tree’s new bright green growth appears and stays quite vulnerable until the leaves or needles darken and strengthen into their more finished form. Uprooting and relocating during this critical phase may cause the loss of all the tree’s new growth for the year, could cause stress that may mar the tree for many years to come, or even the loss of the entire tree.

There are other considerations, too. Drought stress, overall health of the tree, its present location and proposed new location – all these things and more factor in.

Our staff and certified arborists can advise on a case-by-case basis for the best possible outcome, and provide professional, expert service. In fact, we have tree spades of many sizes, including the largest one in the state.