Top 5 Lawn & Landscape Tactics for Fall

Here are our must-do strategies for Fall:

Stop, then resume watering
To prepare trees for winter, you should stop watering in early fall. Once all the leaves are down, you can resume watering weekly to ensure good soil moisture. Keep it up until the ground freezes. For lawns, stop in fall and make sure your automatic system is blown out well before any freeze.

Plant new trees

Prune existing trees
… including young trees! The better and more appropriately trees are pruned when young, the better their strength, shape and health as they mature.

Good for young trees and perennial beds, mulch gives added protection for the winter months and a basis for good soil come spring.

Smaller tree trunks need protection from freezing, sun scald and even rodents in the winter. All too often, homeowners’ spring elation is followed by a sinking feeling when they see what pesky rodents have been doing under the deep snow, namely eating bark at the bottom of the tree. Proper wraps really help.